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Hippocampus Beach Resort was founded in 2007 and was nothing more than a couple cottages and a small restaurant started by it's founders. They left everything behind in Europe after being encapsulated by the beauty of Malapascua.


Since then Hippocampus has slowly expanded to having 18 rooms, a full service restaurant and bar, a diveshop operated by Devocean Divers, and the island's only Kitesurfing School. Located directly in the middle of Bounty Beach, Hippocampus is central to all restaurants, bars, and spas. 

Why the name Hippocampus? It is the Latin word for seahorse - something we have a lot of here! Not only that, the main reason of the choice of name is to be different. We didn't want to be another "blue paradise" or "coconut plaza" or another generic name. This really resonates with our philosophy because we are always trying to do things differently than others and give you a unique vacation.

But really, who are we? Hippocampus is still run very personally. Management is always trying to get to know the guests, not just counting in numbers. We enjoy to entertain you and make you feel like you are at your "home away from home" during your stay. If something is wrong, we will fix it. If something is right, we will try to make it even better! 

We pride ourselves on our personal service and our quality of staff. Some of the local staff here have been with the company since the beginning and they really take pride in their work. You can feel the positive energy when you come into Hippocampus and start chatting with the staff - we want to make you feel comfortable and have the best vacation of your life! Most of all, we love to see return guests coming back to share more fun experiences with us here in Malapascua. Come join our family!

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