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  • How do I get to Malapascua?
    Easy! Go to our "Getting Here" page!
  • When is the best time to come to Malapascua?
    Anytime is good! This depends totally on you. Malapascua isn't quite as affected as other countries for monsoon seasons. November to May is generally our high season, meaning there are more people around and prices reflect that. The weather from November to end of March is more windy than other months due to the North East tradewinds from our "Amihan" season. April and May are the hottest months, reaching up to 36 degrees celcius, making it a great time to travel here if you like the heat! June-October is our low season, which means less people around the island. This is a great time to travel if you want to beat the crowds! These months usually have more rain, but it is usually only a short rain during the night time. If you have any other concerns, feel free to contact us and we can try to address them for you.
  • Should I bring towels?
    No need to bring towels! We have towels in the room for your use inside, and we provide beach towels from the reception for your use on the beach. The beach towels are provided free of charge.
  • Do you have sun loungers?
    Yes! Every day we put our sun loungers out on the beach for your enjoyment.
  • What kind of activities are available in Malapascua?
    Lots! Just check out our activities page!
  • What should I bring?
    Bring the usual things for a sunny vacation! - Sunglasses - Sunscreen cream - Swimming shorts - T-shirts - A good rimmed Hat - Small flashlight (the walkways can be dark at night!) BRING A REUSABLE WATERBOTTLE! Let's try to save the environment and just get refills at our bar for less than half price than buying a plastic non-reusable water bottle. Try a vaccuum sealed type with a large opening at the top so you can put ice inside and have cold water all day long! Please note, we do not have hair dryers in the rooms. You can buy most small items here on the island like sunscreen, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, snacks, etc.
  • Can I withdraw money on the island?
    No! There is no ATM on the island! If you would like to have some cash, please withdraw some in Cebu City or in the aiport before you come here, otherwise it will be difficult. However, you can pay by credit card in most places usually with a surcharge. Our charge is 5%. We and most others also accept Paypal, also at 5% surcharge.
  • I want to see the Thresher Sharks! Can I though?
    That depends! This divesite is our pride and joy here in Malapascua, so we don't let just anyone dive there. Generally, you should be comfortable diving and have some experience, although you don't need to be a pro. This dive site is at depths between 25M and 30M, which means if you are only Open Water certified, you cannot do this dive. As an Open Water diver you are only permitted to dive to 18M maximum. If you would like to see the sharks, you will need to either enroll in the Advanced Open Water course, or the Deep Adventure course. After certification, you will be certified to dive to 30M! If you would like to combine this experience with your stay, please CONTACT US and we can set up a sweet deal for you!
  • Are there other restaurants on Malapascua?
    Aside from our in-house restaurants, there are several other options including Itlalian, Thai, Filipino, and European! These are all within walking distance of Hippocampus.
  • Is there Wifi in Malapascua?
    Yes! There is wifi in Malapascua, but it is quite unreliable. All business lines are only provided 10GB per day as an allowance - once this amount is consumed our connection slows down to virtually nothing until it resets the next day. This is the same among all other resorts on the island since there is only one internet provider here. If you absolutely need to have a reliable and solid internet connection for business reasons, you should bring your own portable wifi stick or purchase a sim card from Globe with a good data plan and use it as a personal hotspot. You can avail these offers at the airport or in the SM City mall in Cebu.
  • Should I buy a local sim card for my phone?
    This is up to you - as noted in our wifi question, you can get quality LTE internet from Globe prepaid simcards with decent data plans on a weekly or monthly basis. You can purchase these at the airport for a decent price. However, if you would like to do this you should have a phone that is unlocked or "jailbroken" and able to use other sim cards and not just your main provider.
  • How long does the tourist visa last?
    This depends on your country, but the most common is 30 days. You can find out on the Philippine Immigration website or by checking your own Government travel website. If you would like to have a longer visa, you can extend it in Cebu City or you can apply for a longer visa from your home country before you leave.
  • Can I pay by credit card?
    Yes, you can pay by credit card but there is a 5% charge. Most places in the island have a charge for this service.
  • Can I change money there?
    Yes, most places accept USD, Euros, GBP. The rates are not as good as in the city, so we recommend bringing Philippine Pesos if you will bring cash. There are room safes in the Superior and Deluxe rooms. If you are staying in our Standard rooms, we can put your belongings in the safe in our hotel office.
  • Can I use my charger there?
    The plugs in the walls here are all two prong, american style plugs. Most, if not all of the plugs do not have the ground (the round hole between the two prongs), so if your plugs have the ground piece, please bring an adapter. An adapter is also a good idea anyway!
  • How much should I tip in Philippines?
    This is totally up to you! We recommend giving around 5-10% of your total bill since our resort does not impose a service charge and all tips are shared equally among our maintenance, kitchen, gardeners, service, bartenders, and housekeeping. Anything at all is appreciated :)
  • What time is Check in and Check out?
    Check in time is 2PM and check out time is 11AM
  • Can I cancel for free?
    That depends! Check out our "Room and Rates" page for more information on our cancellation policy!
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