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The Resort grounds are made up of the three hotel buildings, housing each category of rooms. The Standard rooms (8) are located at the back of the resort, followed by the Superior rooms (6) towards the beach, then the Deluxe Beachfront rooms (4) found directly at the beach. In between the room buildings you will find our well manicured garden area, which also houses our rescued Nicobar Pigeons.  You will also find the Diving rinse area, and kitesurfing shop located closer to the front of the resort, partially in the garden. 


 In the front of the resort, you will find the bar and restaurant area, the reception desks for diving and hotel, and of course, the beach. The front bar area has a beer garden area which is perfect for having a cold drink after a days diving. The beach is white sand and palm trees, with tables and chairs, or beanbags for your enjoyment. Relax on a sun lounger or in one of our hammocks next to the turquoise blue sea. 

We have tried to make our garden and resort grounds area feel comfortable, warm, and cozy. Alot of improvements have been made to use sustainable bamboo as decoration, efficient lighting to guide you to your room, and personal touches to remind you of the special care and attention that we aim to provide you. Take for example our unique, one of a kind and "almost famous" directional sign! When you walk into Hippocampus, you know where you are because you will feel the warm ambiance the second you step inside. Come and experience your home away from home, and let us take care of you on your next big vacation to Malapascua Island!

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